Weight Watchers, Biggest Loosers and Ice Cream Pie

I may be taking this whole “I don’t really care what I weigh anymore as long as I feel and look good thing” a bit too far…
I am sitting here watching NBC’s The Biggest Looser, that shows Jennifer Hudson hocking Weight Watchers…and all I want to do is go eat a piece of the leftover coffee ice cream pie (with toffee bits in the bottom…YUM!)
Oh well, vote my big ole behind off- I’m going to get me some pie!
No fears, I’m not throwing it all away- I’ll walk Baby Boy to preschool tomorrow…it is several blocks and involves a hill.

Photo shoots

With the exception of the day I got married, because let’s face it I did look pretty good that day, I DO NOT LIKE TO HAVE MY PICTURE TAKEN!  Recently, I was forced, and I mean forced to have a family picture taken for the church directory-and let me tell you it was a big ole pain in the …..well, you see where I am going with this.
First of all, I made a mistake and signed us up for a time that turned out to be quite inconvenient for my extremely busy schedule (wine time).  Then, I picked a date when Baby Girl 1 was going to be unavailable for pictures.  On the last shot I simple called the nice people who have been harassing me about said photo and asked if I could simply submit a picture.   Ummmm, NO!
But, they did tell me that I could go to another church in the area that was have photos taken for there directory….UGH!!!  I have three children and a life, I do not have time to go hunting down the local Church of the Latter Day Saints.
Then, they said, come on Thursday and we will squeeze you in around 3:40.  Ok, ok, OK!!!!
Thursday rolls around, I get my kids off the bus at 3:36 and fly over to the church trying to run a brush through the kids and spit shine the faces…
We walked into the room where the usual black bear rug from 1972 is laid over the table for all five of us to pile up on for the big photo shoot.  Baby Boy by the way, is not excited about this at all and all but strangles his father by grabbing and pulling on his tie. The kind photographer tries his best with this wild and disheveled bunch, and got one “not terrible” picture of us.  Then, he says he just wants to get one of my husband and I….now did I mention that we were leaving to drive 8 hours after we left here?  I was ready to hit the road after the family shot, but noooooo, they want to recreate our wedding day with a bunch of pictures of us leaning our heads into one another and gazing in each others eyes!!!
That’s it!  I lost it…and I mean literally, I think the photographer thought he might have to leave the room.  My husband and I were both exhausted at this point and got so tickled at every move the photographer asked us to make that I started laughing, UNCONTROLLABLY!!  It was quite embarrassing and I was deeply ashamed of my behavior.  You can imagine what it was like when I had to go in and look at the proofs and listen to the sales lady (who was trying to sell the the $150 package) tell me how great the picture of me and my husband was with tears rolling down my face and my lips pursed together for fear of full on laughing explosion…not one of my finest moments.

A new kind of make-up

Tomorrow I will be shopping for some new make up to cover my “black” circles under my eyes.  At church tonight, a six year old came up to me and asked me what was “wrong” with my eyes?
Why was there black underneath them?  What? Huh?  I looked at the other adults who were behind her (not her parents) and asked them, “Do I have something black under my eyes?”
“No,” they said.
I looked at the little angel and said, “It’s called having three kids honey, you will understand when you’re a mommy.”
Kids say the craziest things!  The sad thing is, I did put make-up on today…