Day 2 on the Way

Miles 11-24
Fibit Stats- 38,385 steps (definitely starting to feel like a badass); 16 miles (again, someone/something is off); 3,273 calories burned (definitely getting two large pourings on the wine tonight- so you can order it small, medium or large in the UK.  If you guys can get a super-size going I am moving here.); 322 active minutes (yep, it felt like that) 192 floors (I’m tired).

Gear required: backpack, hiking poles, rain gear, Iphone, hat, water, the Freshette, and a slightly smarty pants sense of humor.  ADDED HEADPHONES and SUNGLASSES

Rained this am- still embracing the mud- but ended bright and sunny.

According to our information we would, “Walk through quintessentially English countryside and enjoy the windswept views along the route. A remarkable ancient site adds extra spice to the day.” (Absolute Escapes Intinerary for Turner party of 3 for Sat., June 8th 2019).  They did not disappoint.

The day started with a lovely breakfast provided by our hostess in the part of the B&B that was once the post office and was also recently used in the BBC TV show, Father Brown.  (  The grounds and house were literally out of a tv/movie set (as is everything we’ve seen thus far) and we enjoyed sharing with them how we too understand what it’s like to have shows filming in your home town.

After leaving the small village of Stanton we made our way past the Stanway House, a Jacobean gatehouse known for its fountain (yes, I said FOUNTAIN) but it was closed.  However, you can learn more here at  

Tried to get Ivy to go do a tennis pose on the these courts we passed but she said no thanks:


At this point I need to tell you that I had to add headphones to the gear list because one needs something to listen to when one walks the Way.  My choices of books of Audible consisted of Judy Bloom’s Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing and Super Fudge (thank you Trippe).  I tried Super Fudge for abut a minute before realizing I was better off just telling my phone to shuffle my music.  Look for my Cotswolds playlist soon.

Today was filled with many ups and downs.  We’d go up hills, and we’d go down hills and we’d go up hills and wed’ go down hills….we were also met some extreme racers who were doing the Heineken Race to the Tower (Broadway that is.)  If you guys are questioning our sanity at all at this point you should really be concerned about these folks- they were doing a 52 mile stretch going the other way (much harder inclines I feel)… and they were RUNNING.  AND they were doing it in either 24 or 48 hours (runnner’s choice)  I can’t really put into words the anxiety that gripped me as we passed each poor soul after barely making it down some pretty steep ascents today to know that they only had that to go up.  To learn more about this race:

The later in the day it got and the more folks that passed us I grew more concerned.  Then I heard Frank tell the last guy, “Good luck man, this next hour is gonna suck.”  Towards the end of the day you really just wanted to tell the people to hang it up.

Our own extreme race:

“Hey Frank, I don’t remember us discussing all of the hills that were involved in this.”


Let’s just say there were some ups and there were some downs…and some bulls.


Mountain Goat at it again.  And she found a friend that was not a bull.al7CxRHcTFmETYTJ93g0eQ

Sweeping view they promised and favorite picture of day: (Somewhere over on the horizon is where I think we started…or it feels like it.


We also stopped by Hailes Abbey and met a gal working there from the states whose sister lives in Atlanta and goes to Tech.  (Insert song It’s a Small World After All).  Ivy was super excited to learn all there was to be learned.  Just kidding, she sat and ate a Magnum bar they sold in the gift shop.


Stopping at the Honey Bee Café in Winchecombe for lunch we enjoyed the free Wi-Fi that is found in every establishment and also the chance to take off our hiking boots.  (Walkers welcome but not your muddy boots.)


check phones

Frank almost being taken out by extreme racer:

Frank about to be taken out by extreme racer

More racers going by- these people are cray cray.

extreme racers

Ivy and I in front of a really old burial ground.  Frank called it Belas Knap.  (I was bordering on delirium so was not paying him a lot of attention and I think Taylor Swift was blaring in my headphones- priorities people.)  For your knowledge I did do some research and found this site you can go to for more information:



But hey, he got so busy trying to educate us that I managed to get in the lead!

I'm winning

As we got into Cleeve Common we came upon the Cleeve Hill Golf Course that was full of sheep grazing (because it’s sheep grazing on golf course season) and we also saw a rainbow. The Cotswolds are a truly a magical place and even though we are tired and somewhat weary at the end of our days we are laughing to the point of tears and having an incredible time.  I told Frank and Ivy I’m always in the back because I have to keep stopping to look back behind me to see where I’ve come from- sometimes the most spectacular views are the ones we are leaving behind.

rainbow at top

We made it to Cleeve House Hotel and met by our sweet host, Lindsey.

Cleeve hill arrival

We had great accommodations and for dinner just had to walk down the path behind the hotel to the Rising Sun Hotel for dinner.  At this point I was just looking for room service and a glass of pinot.

Dinner hightlight:

“Ivy go buy me a beer,” said Frank. “Oh, my gosh, mom do NOT take a picture!” said Ivy.

“No way am I not capturing this milestone.” said me.

Back at the hotel I fought with this darn computer until my poor little eyes about fell out of my head, but we are back in business today.  Will try to catch you up on today’s 10 mile journey here shortly.  Weather yesterday ended beautiful and we all got an incredible nights sleep.  Best beds yet by far.

Good night from the Cotswolds!