unnamedWhen Ivy was six months old we found out we were having another baby.  The first 5-6 years were a blur.  Who am I kidding, the past 16 years has been a blur.  Having two in diapers and two in baby beds- and yet on completely different schedules was nuts.   I was nuts.  I am probably still nuts to a certain degree.  Right now they are at the top of these stairs in Ivy’s room discussing their day.  The door is shut and they are in deep conversation.  I know this because I went up there wanting to join in like every cool mom does…ahem….and of course they totally want to share EVERY detail of their day with me, right?

Immediately as I  came through the door they changed the conversation (and not too smoothly I might add- I will need to text them and tell them to work on that)  I’m no dummy, whatever they were talking about was serious like boys or friends or perhaps how cool I am.  I slowly back out (because I just know they are going to beg me to come back so they can invite me into the inner sanctum) and get about three steps away before I hear them dive right back into their conversation- no call back.  (I also need to text them and tell them they need to check outside before continuing conversation if they don’t want me to hear- amateurs.)  The stalker mom in me thought about lingering outside to see if I could get any scoop, but alas I heard that voice in my head that said “keep moving big mama”.  A slight pause and grasping of my chest-ugh, this is hard.  The whole growing up scene where they are going to have conversations with each other that do NOT in anyway include me (insert frowny face emoji).  Man, I would love to go back and change one dirty diaper or find one more week old milk sippy cup in the back of the car-that’s how desperate it gets some days people.  It’s like watching a movie while holding down the fast forward button.  I wish I could DVR my kids.

IMG_0909 However, as hard as the “growing up” thing is-it’s pretty cool seeing the relationship these two have and knowing they will be there for each other.

IMG_0239They do love each other and I couldn’t ask for more than that.


(#momsofsistersruletoo-Using # is also a thing the really cool moms do-just saying.)

Lunchbox Surprise


That is a sock that came home in Trippe’s lunch box today.  What about his lunchbox screams- “Put a dirty sock in me!”  What possess one to store their used sock in their lunch box?  What’s wrong with putting said used sock in the book bag?  And furthermore, where is the other sock?  Is it lost in the cubbies at school?

The most positive thing I can say here is that it is actually HIS sock.  The second most positive thing I can say is that is actually homemade ranch salad dressing in that one small container to the far left. (Thank you Pioneer Woman:)).  Contrary to Frank’s comments, I actually do cook in our kitchen and I’m not having an affair with the Dominos delivery guy.) The third and final most positive thing I can say is that I actually managed to clean out the lunch box tonight as opposed to tomorrow morning.  Listen folks, there is only so much I can do in one night and I’m trying to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Vampire Diaries.

Side note…Trippe just told me he did NOT put the sock in his lunch box.  Further investigation will be needed.

Capturing Sunsets

Sunday afternoon I was reminded of the importance of stopping to capture sunsets.  I didn’t see the sunset but this one did and she stopped, grabbed her camera, and went and captured it. Julia is the middle one, but towers above her older sister in height and will catch her father soon.  Julia is special.  Sometimes I feel Julia has lived a whole other life before coming into ours.   Like Jane Austen walking the English moors  waiting for Mr. Darcy to ride up living in another life.   She appreciates things- things most kids her age don’t, but that’s a whole other entry.  Keep capturing sunsets Bean.


She didn’t see me yet…I’m way too slow at grabbing MY camera these days but trying to get better.




“MOM!  Please stop taking pictures!” (And seriously, do NOT put them on the  internet!  Hee! Hee!)  Can we stop here for a minute and look at those legs?  They go for miles I tell ya!

Peace out from the kitchen island…again, a whole other entry for later.