My most recent laugh out loud moment…

I recently started a new job…(no, that’s not the laugh out loud moment). I’ve been at said job for two weeks (still in training somewhat), but feel like I’m getting my sea-legs and have even been let loose on a few tasks that I feel confident to handle.

There is no need to go over in detail my “work history”, but briefly let’s review- soda jerk, retail clerk, teacher, mom, mom, mom , social media guru (and I use the term “guru” loosely), and administrative assistant….never once did I ever get an email like I got today asking this question and I have no idea how to respond….

Late this afternoon as I was finishing up a task in said new job when I received and email from HR  This is what it said: “Please advise how you would like your information i.e. name, credentials to be listed on your business cards.”

–insert laugh–

Credentials on my what?

First, I have some questions for HR…how big are these cards? Do they come in different shapes?  I like hearts.  A little heart shaped box to keep them in would be fun.

Seriously, next to being a mom- I think getting my own business cards could be one of my proudest moments.  (That sounded a lot better in my head.)

So I found this one…I like it.  What do you think?