Lightning Bugs and the Royal Family


I’m not sure what season it is where you are but here in Georgia is summer.  Thus far it’s been a wet summer but what I’ve noticed is that with the wet spring and summer we’ve had there are more lightning  bugs flying around about this time of day -7:57 pm to be exact.  Lots has happened since we last spoke- school year ended, their was a royal wedding, and the lightning bugs.

The end of school seems like a year ago but in reality it was just a few weeks back.  Summer here is extremely short and I don’t like it.  I’d like to lobby that we go back to educating the young folk  from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  I need this more now than ever because I need a few more weeks in the summer before we go back next year since the oldest darling is now a SENIOR and the middle darling is a JUNIOR.   This brought with it a whole new set of emotions as we ending the school year.  Senior parking spaces, senior parent meeting, senior this, senior that…it’s a lot folks.   I’m excited for her though- she’s ready.  I’m not.  LOML is ready or does a good job keeping it together.  For Mother’s Day they gave me a book entitled Letting Go- the College Years.  (They realize this is gonna take me a hot minute.)

THEN, on top of all the feels of the whole having a senior in high school thing, the universe went and threw a royal wedding in the mix.  Look until the night before I just knew there was a royal wedding but I didn’t even know who Meghan Markle was- but don’t kid yourself, I totally had a whole royal wedding watch party set up for my peeps- complete with fascinators and tea.  I haven’t missed one since Chuck and Di.  I don’t mean to get all sappy or depress any of you folks, but we are getting old.  Ironically, a good childhood friend who comes to my Saturday morning Bible Study/Trash Book Club actually came and watched it with me…she and I also watch Harry’s mum and dad tie the knot.  When you see folks get married and then you watch both their kids get married it ages you.  We all know I have gray hair issues- this did not help.  (And let’s all remember I don’t actually know these people and I’m getting all emotional about their wedding. )  At these momentous occasions (and yes I did just state that the royal wedding was a momentous occasion for muah) really will make you start to look back at all that has happened in your life- who made an impact and had some part of steering the course you are on, those who are now not here anymore and those that you’ve lost touch with over the years.  (Thank you Mark Zuckerberg and the ability you have given us to spend countless hours stalking these folks.)  On a side note, I have also started following several royal family Instagram accounts and I am starting to feel a tiny bit like a stalker.  But y’all!  She is doing so, so good and as Americans we should be super proud of the gal.  Today she and QEII had a day on the town opening a bridge and watching some school kids put on a performance- laughing all the way- and they got to ride on the royal train.  (Think Hogwarts Express but much cooler if there could even be such a thing.)  I think Queen Elizabeth just gets more wonderful with each passing year- what a life! I have some questions though regarding the wedding and general royal life-style:

  1. Are their  automobiles made special so that they can get in them with those fascinators on- did you see the height on some of those?
  2. Why do they invite exes to the weddings?
  3. Who do you think will play Kate and Meghan in The Crown?

(Can someone research and get back to me?)

So we are into summer.  We got the kids finished with school and Harry and Meghan got married.  It’s been raining a lot, the garden is doing well, and the lightning bugs are out in force.  Right now on the porch there is a symphony of tree frogs and bugs making beautiful music.  It reminds me so much of my days at summer camp growing up… deep sigh.  Last summer we didn’t have that many lightning bugs out to catch but I think all the rain has them out and moving around.  What a glorious little gift God gave us when he made bugs who fly around and light up their butts on hot summer nights!