So I spent the better part of the “witching hour” trying to get a somewhat healthy and nutritious meal together for the fam.  Baby Girl 1 was a ballet for the 24th time this week, Baby Girl 2 was watching tv, and Baby Boy was determined to be my su chef.  I had purchased some salmon filets and we really needed to eat them tonight to avoid any fish rotting that I was convinced was going to set in tomorrow morning.  (Plus- I DO NOT COOK ON THE WEEKENDS!!)  Also, yesterday, I had roasted a spaghetti squash and thought I could warm that up to go with the salmon. (I know, I know- you are terribly impressed with my ability to raise three kids, keep a regular exercise routine, surf the Internet, troll FB, and  remain a wonderful and loving wife, daughter, and sister—-I am also quite a wine expert….mainly because of all prior accomplishments.)

Back to the fish….so, this was my plan…and you are so darn lucky that I took pictures! (I hate when people try to tell me how healthy they are eating and show me pictures of it-ugh, like I need any help feeling bad about the 4 peanut butter cups I ate earlier.)

Herbs la Loy

So first, based on my current fav salmon recipe, I chopped up a variety of herbs. ( I used thyme, basil, Italian parsley, and dill)

Su Chef looking for something…

Then, I put the herbs all over the salmon filets san the ones for the kids- no grass on their fish!

Then, just because I think I am Ina Garten sometimes, I garnish them with a few slices of lemon before throwing them in the oven…

Alrighty then, salmon is in.  Then I think, I’ve got some fresh spinach I can saute to add to my little creation here…

minute later…

Getting excited, I get the table all set and start warming the spaghetti squash—LOML and Baby Girl will be home soon!

Then, you put it all together…

LOML comes in…he’s already eaten.

Baby Girl 2 (AKA “Resident Picky Eater”) comes in, gives the food her usual glare of distain unless pancakes or Papa John’s pizza is on the menu.  Takes two bites of fish and claims fullness.

Baby Boy doesn’t know what the hell to think about the pink stuff in front of him and is secretly glad he ate those two bananas prior to dinner.

Baby Girl 1, exhausted from dance and would have probably eaten shoe leather if I gave it to her, sat and ate her food without complaint.

Me, by the time it was all said and done- I ate a few bites…leftovers tomorrow will be better:).  But it was good.

On another note, my new favorite musician is Amos Lee- YOU MUST GO LISTEN TO HIM!!  Right now, stop whatever it is your doing, ignore our children, tell your husband/wife not tonight, and go download this guy on whatever music set-up you’ve got going on these days.

Happy weekend!

Napkins and Tampoons

Last weekend I took Baby Girl 2 and two of her friends to afternoon tea at a hotel in Atlanta.  My girl has been all about afternoon tea after a recent trip to NYC and having tea at the Plaza…well, who in the hell wouldn’t be into tea after that!?!?  LOML and myself were also loving the tea, champagne and all that went with it.  There really isn’t anything not to like about it unless you have an aversion to tiny sandwiches.

So we arrived and were seated at our table, when one of the friends asked if she could go to the bathroom (adding that she had had to go since we left the house- oops!).  Sure, so the hostess showed all three girls how to get to the bathroom -(which was way on the other side of the hotel from where we were, but I had all the confidence they would come back to me).  So all three girls eventually come back , I could hear them way before they got there:).  They were all completely in awe of the “fancy” bathroom.  Her friend sitting next to me said, “Ms. Loy, that is the fanciest bathroom I have ever been in- EVER!  They had napkins for sale in there for 25¢!”….to which Baby Girl 2 said, “and they are also selling ‘tampoons’, whatever they are”!

Sir, I will take that glass of champagne after all…..

I am really not having an affair with my laptop or Iphone….

I have started to worry lately that I may be spending a little too much time with my laptop and my Iphone.  I check them before I go to bed, as soon as I wake up in the morning, and yes one or the other is general attached to me in some form or fashion most of my waking hours.  I don’t know when I became so obsessed with email, texting, blogging,FB, and so on- but it is an obsession and now my part time job is centered around it….HOW FLIPPING COOL IS THAT?!?!!?

Someone is actually PAYING me to do this!  I know, I know- I can’t believe it either.  I actually went to a few seminars yesterday where people teach you how to do this (as if !)…OMG- I could make this a full-time career!!!  Ok, wait- I need to get back to why I am really here tonight confessing my obsession.  I knew I had a real problem last night, while on my laptop, I asked LOML a question about his day- and he asked me if I was talking to him or my computer?  Maybe I should set myself designated hours of the day for my obsession…

Not that I care…

but I am really amused to see on my driver’s license that my weight is slightly off.  And I am pretty sure when I renewed it last time it wasn’t anywhere close to this either.  Come to think of it, this may have been my weight when I turned 16 and got the original license.  Screw it, I like the number and I think I’ll just keep it.  I am pretty sure the people that are checking my license are getting a good laugh, so why ruin their good time.


Baby Boy is sitting at the table eating dinner….decides he would like to climb on to the table.  I told him to get off the table and eat his dinner…then started the infamous counting, “One, Two…”….Baby Boy looks at me and says “Five”.  Math won’t be his strong suit.

"Walking in Memphis"

The last days of 2010 for me have been spent walking in Memphis and they have been great, minus the hiccup of a football game gone sour.  Pulling in town with the whole family in tow, we dropped our stuff at a quaint little spot known as the Courtyard Marriott.  Wasting no time, we head out with the kids to smoke out a good lunch spot on Beale Street, much against advisors’ suggestions which was to “get OFF Beale St”.
After lunch and a three hour parade for the Liberty Bowl, (which, by the way, consisted of 18 mediocre high school marching bands, three 18 wheelers from Auto Zone, 15 Shriners in little cars, and finally a marching band so big they had to make us move back:)) we head back to the CM (Courtyard Marriott for those of you on the “slower” side.)
We pick up LOML’s cousin and two of his three sons and head back downtown for dinner.  After contemplating our choices, we decide on the Flying Fish.  Another quaint and cozy spot I would highly recommend.  Ok, cozy may be a stretch.  If you like those rubber fish nailed to plaques that sing and good fried seafood, this is your place!
After dinner, it was only appropriate that we walk across the street to show our kids the Peabody ducks that live in finer digs than they do!  They have their own “condo”, if you will, from which they get escorted from and to every day.  I am not sure what the upkeep on those ducks is costing the hotel, but if money gets tight at The Peadbody and duck suddenly becomes a new featured item on the Flying Fish menu I would avoid trying it until I got a head count in the pond they got over there in the lobby.
Then today, as we awoke to somewhat cloudy skies with just a hint of sun trying to work it’s way through, I just knew we were all meant to venture out to Elvis Presley Boulevard to see, (drum roll please……..)
Oh, what a lucky, lucky girl I am!
There are just not enough words in the English or Japanese dictionary to explain that place. Let’s just say I will be downloading every available book about Graceland, Elvis, Lisa Marie, Vernon, Priscilla, etc. onto my Kindle ASAP as I am now terribly fascinated with this icon of music.  But who I would really like to learn more about is the decorator of that fine home, but feel certain they overdosed on hallucinogens years ago and for security reasons was probably living under and alias.  Who knew you could put carpet on SO MANY SURFACES!!!  Wow!  A true talent for showing us the real meaning of “waste not, want not”.
After leaving the mansion, viewing the King’s clothes and numerous gold records and awards we had a stroll through the Meditation Garden that Elvis had built so he could have somewhere to think away from the 20 plus people who were probably living there with him.  Either that or he needed a place away to go do some drugs…whatever, now it’s four graves, including his.  Moment of silence please…………………………………………………………………………………..ok, moment over.
I did leave a good bit more impressed with the man than I left the hotel this morning.  He took care of his family and that’s aces in my book.  
(I do need to stop here and tell you a little about some of the other Graceland Goer’s today…..the lady next to us in line was comparing Graceland to Liborachi’s and Dean Martin’s homes….ok, that’s really all you need to know….)
Sooooo, after the tour of the house, we got to see the AIRPLANES!!!!  Now, for those of you who know me, I am not a fan of flight, BUT could totally fly on a plane with blue suede walls!  Damn he knew how to fly in style!  The littler plane was not as impressive as the Lisa Marie, but I do give them credit for their color scheme of yellow and green of the 60s seat covers.
The footlball game we came up here to see is not even worth mentioning right now since we lost and I want to end my year on a hight note…
So, here I sit in the CM.  The two youngest of our kids are sound asleep.  LOML, Baby Girl 1 and my in-laws are over at their cousin/nephew’s temporary home up here having a cookout.  On the way, they got to stop off and see B, our cousin who is up here because St. Jude’s can help him.  He has leukemia and about 90 days ago had his 3rd bone marrow transplant.  I think it is very appropriate that we are here as 2010 ends and 2011 begins.  We have spent a lot of time over the past two years hoping and praying for this young warrior and his family, and for two years B and his family have continued to inspire and lift us up in our darkest times, which compared to theirs are pretty damn bright.  They have taken to “pressing on” through all of it, the very worst of it and I have been fortunate, as so many have been to be one of the passengers on their journey.  B’s mom has a word of the year and encourages others to do so as a means of inspiration of how you are going to live the next year.  So, as the hours wind down in 2010, I have been trying to think of my word for this year- I think it will be “grace”…well, for more that one reason:), but for all the right ones.
Happy New Year’s Everyone!
From Memphis with Love.