Capturing Sunsets

Sunday afternoon I was reminded of the importance of stopping to capture sunsets.  I didn’t see the sunset but this one did and she stopped, grabbed her camera, and went and captured it. Julia is the middle one, but towers above her older sister in height and will catch her father soon.  Julia is special.  Sometimes I feel Julia has lived a whole other life before coming into ours.   Like Jane Austen walking the English moors  waiting for Mr. Darcy to ride up living in another life.   She appreciates things- things most kids her age don’t, but that’s a whole other entry.  Keep capturing sunsets Bean.


She didn’t see me yet…I’m way too slow at grabbing MY camera these days but trying to get better.




“MOM!  Please stop taking pictures!” (And seriously, do NOT put them on the  internet!  Hee! Hee!)  Can we stop here for a minute and look at those legs?  They go for miles I tell ya!

Peace out from the kitchen island…again, a whole other entry for later.