Music and Art in Days Like These

I hope you are all finding your Saturday morning a little more restful than the rest of the week.  I know we are in these walls.  As I was reminded by a friend on our Zoom coffee date this morning, what a long year this week has been.  A meme that I have seen countless times on the social media that I am trying my hardest to step away from at least this weekend.  This morning’s news of Kenny Rogers’ death reminded me that in this crazy time the normalcy of someone just dying from “natural causes” still goes on.  I also had the chance to watch some old home movies my younger brother sent over this morning that including my uncles, dad and grandfather playing golf and me riding around in my grandfather’s golf cart in the mountains as a child.  It brought me a level of peace and remembrance of simpler times- a remembrance of childhood.   Just what the doctor called for today.

This week Julia spent some time making us hand washing signs that are now posted at all of our sinks.  For the senior who is going to be missing out on some milestones, I’m thankful that she’s choosing to face this time in the best way she knows, through her love of music and art.  It has helped remind me not only to wash my hands a lot, but also reminded me to keep singing.  Leaving you all with one of my favorites from Kenny and hoping you all have a good weekend.


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