What day of the week is it?

We have almost made it through week four of Quarantine 2020 and not only is my coffee time starting to blend in with wine time, but my Mondays are blending into Saturdays.  What day of the week is it again?  Oh right, it’s Monday-and it’s Holy Week.  No, that’s not right- it’s Friday- Good Friday.    I used my calendar a lot more before Covid-19 but now there isn’t much going on there so looking at it is rather pointless.  Everything that was once there has been canceled or postponed to some point in the future.  There is a lot flying around in my email and social media around Holy Week so I know that is where we are on the church calendar and that Easter is coming.  The bunny is also coming and all I can say is thank you God for Amazon.  In the past I have laughed at and made fun of the stores for putting out Valentines on December 26th.  Let me tell you that at 6:30 Monday morning when I was working on my Instacart order for the week (that’s a lie- I’ve made 3 Instacart orders this week)I was really wishing I had gone ahead and grabbed that Paas egg dying kit and Reese Peanut Butter Eggs the last time I was in an actual store on March 12th.  I will never again pass judgement on any retail store that puts holiday stuff out 4 months early- EVER.

It’s Holy Week  and it’s also Spring Break.  I have gone as far as trying to make my home into a cruise ship and myself into Julie McCoy for the week but it was a bust.  Frozen fruity drinks (not virgin- #rebelmom) with umbrellas (again, thank you Amazon) were served to those over 17 on the Lido deck.    I feel certain that my efforts did not make up for the missed trips with friends and cousins but will hopefully be a good story to tell their own children one day.  We also held gambling lessons for those aboard the SS Turner because Captain Stubing read an article that it was important to teach your children to play poker.  #lifeskills

It’s funny to think about all the stuff we plan for and how quickly and seamlessly it just goes away.  And the sun still rises and sets.  I was supposed to be on a cruise with Julia with several other senior friends and parents, Sunday we would normally have hosted our entire family for Easter lunch, prom for Julia was supposed to be a few weeks ago, Ivy’s first Black Diamond Ball too… work events and other social engagements that most likely won’t get rescheduled because at some point you just have to move forward, right?  I am having to channel the Loy that walked those 100 miles across England this summer.  When all I had to do was get up and get to the next town each day.  Every day, I get up and think- “ok, we just need to get through today.”  Not get through this week and don’t even think about next month.  Will I ever think about “next month” when this sh*# storm ends?

In the news this week, among all of the losses, we lost John Prine.  I wonder if he and Kenny are working on any duets?   I’ll leave you with a song that Frank likes to play for me and I think he thinks of it as “our song”.  Pray for me.