Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

So over lunch today one of my best friends and I were once again discussing our delima with “loosing weight”. Well, she has actually gotten to a good place and was trying very hard to bring me along on the journey…
As women, we beat ourselves up over this constantly- I am actually president of the club on this. Since about age 12, I have really struggled with my weight. Gaining, loosing, gaining with babies, gaining some more…an endless cycle of pain, low self esteem, and lots of food- that brings me nowhere but down. So, after many conversations on this topic, this is where we are today. (Thanks to some help from
1. I have thrown out my scales.  I really wanted to take a sledge hammer to them, but….well, I didn’t.
and  2. I will continue to eat right and keep moving because it makes me feel good, not to loose weight- that will just be the icing on the cake.
So there you have it, today is a new day.

3 thoughts on “Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

  1. This is awesome, Loy! Go girl! I'm impressed and happy that you're doing this. I admire it! I'll definitely keep up! Thanks for sharing. Deana


  2. Loy – I knew you were a star when you only ate one of your two crabcakes last week and let me eat all your buttersoaked brussel sprouts (sorry, I was TFTUI – Under the Infuence of Tanya from Tybee). Also, when you ran so much on our beach trip. You are beautiful and don't need to change a thing! Scales suck. The one at your house says you weigh your dream weight one day, and then you go to your gyn, where they tell you in no uncertain terms that you weigh 12 lbs more. Throw 'em out – it's how you feel in your clothes!


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