"Honk for blueberries", It Doesn’t get Much More Southern Than This, Part 2

After leaving the taxidermy shop of the late Joe Kellar, Miss Emme showed us what was, a few months ago, quite an array of day lilies- all but a handful past their prime.  She told us we should cut through her side yard leading to the neighbor’s backyard and check to see if they were selling blueberries today.  You see, it does seem to me that in the South (not having spent too much time up North I can’t swear to this), it is almost an insult if you don’t visit your neighbors, friends, family via their backdoor.

We were lucky that Ms. Carla was over there with I assume her daughter and mother high up in the blueberry bushes that lined the driveway leading to the house.  Approaching from the back of the house, we made our presence know and we were once again greeted with that good ole’ Southern hospitality.  Carla, as it turns out, went to school with our friend’s older brother and had not seen our friend in many years so a few brief introductions had to be made.  Now I need to tell you that Baby Boy loves him some fruit straight off the bush, vine, tree- whatever…, heck, he doesn’t care if it’s on the ground covered in dirt.  We had found his Heaven on earth right there in North Georgia off Big A Road.  We all enjoyed picking and eating right off the bushes, and even purchased several quarts that Carla and company had already picked.

We made our way back to our cut through heading towards Grandaddy’s via Miss Emme’s yard, and I saw this sign displayed perfectly on the front of Carla’s home:

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