The Vampires are BACK!!!!

It has been a long and hot summer here, but last week I was excited to see the big orange cranes and trucks that, to us, mean the production crew has arrived!  The Vampires are back baby and in full force! (Well, sorta).  Last week, the production crews rolled back into town with all of there gear ready to shoot Season 2 of the new hit show Vampire Diaries that is filmed in my home town.  Damon, Stephan, Elena, and crew will soon be spotted around town.  Ahhh!
Wait just a minute, am I really sitting here typing up a blog about a television show about vampires?  Is this really what I have stooped to?  Hell yeah it is!!  Don’t worry, I will continue blogging about all of the other things that make me “who I am”, but come on people- you know this whole vampire/werewolf craze that is sweeping the world has gotten under your skin too? Right now, I am keeping tabs on three tv shows and one major movie series whose main characters are either vampires or shape-shifters (things like werewolves for those of you not “in the know”) and I am not embarrassed to admit it.  However, several of my family members are probably rolling their eyes at me right now for making a complete fool out of myself.  But, there it is folks, I am a vampire/werewolf watching junky!

The Twilight series-seen all of the movies, and read the books twice!
Vampire Diaries how could I NOT be glued to the hit tv show that is filmed in my home town?
True Blood– a great HBO series (Are there any bad HBO series? I miss you Tony and Carmella!)  Set in Bon Temps, Louisiana this show has the best characters ever.  Oh, and I read all of the Sookie  books and can’t wait for the next installment.  At the moment I am a little upset because my husband just canceled HBO…will have to wait until Netflix or Itunes puts out Season 3:(
ok, and the last one that I have recently taken on…
The Gates (Yes dear, I have started watching this one too- sorry!:))  This one is really just getting started, but from what I have seen so far, it is based on a cop from Chicago and his family that have moved into what can only be described as a gated community on crack!  What I mean is, there is basically a stone wall with security cameras around the entire community.  It has been built by some big developer to promote the safest environment for people to come raise their families.  One problem though, they sold some houses to a bunch of vampires and werewolves trying to make good with their lives, but are having a hard time with all those humans running around.  Talk about a homeowner’s association’s nightmare!!!

Well, the recent Twi-movie, Eclipse, was my favorite so far.  Baby Girl 1 and Baby Girl 2 keep asking when they can read the books/see the movies.  Still way too young!  Mainly because it is quite scary at parts and just not age appropriate AT ALL!  (Unfortunately, the couple with the 3 and 4 year old who sat next to me at the movies have other parenting ideas.)
Vampire Diaries is just getting better with age, like any good bottle of wine!  Looking forward to September when I am hoping the new season will start…but will find out for sure and get back to you.
True Blood–  Not too upset at missing the show right now since I have read all of the books that are way past the show’s story line, so I basically know what’s happening, but I do miss my Sunday night Sookie time!
The Gates– Missed it last week, so I am downloading the  episode now on Itunes and must go watch before Baby Boy wakes up ready to play! Oh, there it is done and ready for my viewing pleasure.  Gotta run-

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