Fresh Produce Stand

One of my favorite places to go in our town is a local produce stand that, luckily, is now open year round.  It sits on a corner and occupies a space that used to be a filling station.  I have enjoyed watching this small business grown over the last few years.   I love the fact that I can go purchase wonderful, fresh, local produce for next to nothing when compared to super market prices!  Today, I got to witness one of the farmers coming in to try and sell his produce to Mr. Ramsey, the proprietor.  The farmer had a crate of really pretty tomatoes that he was trying to sell.  Mr. Ramsey gave them a VERY thorough once over before purchasing the crate’s contents.  It was an interesting deal to watch as I was paying for my loot.  I think both men wanted to make sure the other one knew what a “good deal” they were getting.  I’m almost certain they thought I was eaves-dropping, but I really couldn’t help it!

The Stand
My Loot

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