Traffic is just really annoying period, but people make it worse…  Like who are those people who are constantly playing leap frog with you on the road?  You know the ones, they go really slow…so you go around.  Then the next thing you know they are speeding by you, only to slow down again!
Also, why can’t people learn to slowly merge over when given ample warning? (as in five miles of signs that say “Road Work five miles, left lane will end.”) Instead of trying to use that five miles to slowly get into the right lane, these people drive as fast as their little pieces of metal will carry them to the very tip of where the lane finally ends, causing the right lane to have to slow down and let all of these DA’s in!  Today…this happened to ME!!!  I was in the driver’s seat and had quite enough by the time I got to mile 4.5, and took matters into my own hands.  I think the couple behind me thought I had lost my mind…but this is how it went down.  Using my college educated brain, I asked myself “Self, now how can I show these people flying up in the left lane trying to cut in line (the one in which I and several others had been waiting in for about 45 minutes now) that what they are doing is just not right?”  Self answered, “Pull your big ass van into the middle and straddle the line where they can’t get around you!”  BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I only had one very determined little BMW get by me!
They guy behind me and his companion where shaking their heads, but you know what?  The dude in front of me caught on! It was beautiful, we rode the line till the lanes finally merged- POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! (The people who know how to drive that is!)  If you can’t properly operate a motorized vehicle that someone obviously had enough faith in you to give you a license for- PLEASE GET OFF THE ROAD!!!!!

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