Umm…. "limit your caffeine"…. you have got to be kidding me!

So, I have been having some “issues” and went to go see my doctor today.  He is making some DRASTIC changes to my diet that could possibly be hazardous to the health of all those around me (especially the four that live in my house).
HE WANTS ME TO CUT BACK TO ONE CUP OF COFFEE A DAY…AND NO CREAM IN MY COFFEE!!!!!!!! (Ok, so you see here- this means NO coffee since I don’t drink it with out cream!) I feel sure this is some cruel prank or I am being”punked” for some reality tv show.  On top of that, this all gets handed down to me the day before my girls start at a new school which requires us to all be up and out of the house by 7 am!  Yeah right, this is going to go over well in the morning…if I survive- I’ll write to tell about it.  It should read like a horror story…

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