The Tugging Syndrome

Baby Boy has found a new way of communicating these days…he grabs you by the collar, shirt tail, or pant leg (whatever he can reach at the moment)  and pulls you where he wants you to go, generally grunting while he pulls. This is all very new to me- Baby Girl 1 and Baby Girl 2 never did anything like this.  I have to admit, it’s very cute, and I love watching him do it to other people.  One night last week I did not find it so cute.  I was standing at the stove cooking dinner  wearing my elastic waist gym shorts….can you see where I am going with this?  It was the great witching hour for those of us with small children, that time right before dinner when things seem to start unraveling at the seams, and BB was really quite frustrated by my lack of attention to his needs as I slaved over the hot pot of mac-n-cheese.  After several failed attempts to get me to get him a cookie, he came up behind me for what I thought may be one of his sweet hugs around the legs…no, in an attempt to “pull” me to the cookie jar- he pulled my shorts down.

Note to self: always securely tie draw string shorts/pants while around small children.

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