"She Don’t Like Roses"

I love to drown my thoughts in the music I listen to.  I can apply any given emotion to whatever song is coming through my ipod when I’m out running/walking- which seems to be the one time I am really quiet.  This morning, in the mist of last night’s rain, I took off on what would only end up being a 20 minute jog around the neighborhood (but hey, it was better than staying in bed- am I right?).  My recent artist of choice (because I get stuck on one and play them to death) is Christine Cane.  She is actually an artist I came across a few years ago while training for a hike in Yosemite National Park.  I haven’t really listened to her in a while, but was drawn back to her a few weeks ago after someone I have a great admiration for said she was actually a friend and mentor.  Interested in this, I went back to visit Christine.  Her music is really calming and thought provoking- just my kind of music.


Check her out.

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