So, I used to go to Waffle House to study in college….

Ok, so maybe college libraries are overrated.  I spent a large part of my college studying time at one of the two busiest Waffle Houses in the country.  One on either side of the I-26 in Clinton, SC.  But let’s be honest, there was not a lot of studying going on there.  I mean who can study in a place with that many interesting (and often disturbing at that time at night) people to look at- constantly.  And I’m not just talking about the customers people.  Once the library closed, if we knew it would be a long night, we’d pack it up and head on over to WaHo for a little patty melt and hash browns.  Or for those nights when I was “pretending” to eat “healthy”, I would order a salad.  (I don’t think I need to tell you how not healthy that was.)  We would sit there for about two hours trying to memorize as much information as we could before heading back to the dorms to crash.  Why am I thinking about all of this now, you ask?  This morning, I was back at a WaHo with my two youngest kids and my little ole’ mind just started wandering back down that path.  One thing that I have found at the “Great House” is that the people who work there (missing teeth and all) are genuinely the nicest people you will ever come across.  And, furthermore, I would go as far as saying that you get some of the best customer service there than you could get anywhere else.  Now, granted the amount of space between my waitresses teeth today was enough for me to do a double take, and one of the other waitresses was sporting a face paint job she got at the fair last Tuesday- BUT, they were kind to me and my kids.  They were happy, all of them.  Now, I am sure they all have their moments, but I would guess what I witnessed today was pretty much the norm.  A good friend and mentor once told my husband and I that you should always tip big at Waffle House, because they need it the most- but they deserve it the most too.  Three Cheers for Waffle House!

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