Growing Up On Beach Music

I think it is only fitting that I went to college in South Carolina, one of the homes of Beach Music, or Shag Music.  You see, I was brought up on this stuff and to this day, it remains my favorite genre of music.  I will never get tired of listening to it, and always love finding new songs that I have never heard.  I definitely have to credit my parents and their friends for my love of beach music.  But more so my dad, whose love of music spans back I would bet to his mother probably singing to him as a child.  Now she had a beautiful singing voice and sang in the church choir until she simply couldn’t make it there anymore, not that that stopped her singing for she sang to my girls when they would go visit, “I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck…”
So dad grew up with music, and so did I.  Unfortunately, after many efforts, I never learned to read music with any sense of grace, but I can carry a tune.  Anyway, back to the beach music….
I would say the music was heard a lot more during the summer months, and straight up Motown the rest of the year.  Isn’t it strange that I can remember that?  I think it’s because most of the beach music was played on our way to the beach or while there.  So, today, as I sit here listening to the rain, the song Rainy Day Bells kept popping into my head and it made me want to go hunt down some of my other favorite beach music/ Motown music….feel free to comment your own favs!

Rainy Day Bells
Up on the Roof
Ms. Grace

more to come…..

One thought on “Growing Up On Beach Music

  1. Backfield in Motion Shot Love Beach Music


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