So I spent the better part of the “witching hour” trying to get a somewhat healthy and nutritious meal together for the fam.  Baby Girl 1 was a ballet for the 24th time this week, Baby Girl 2 was watching tv, and Baby Boy was determined to be my su chef.  I had purchased some salmon filets and we really needed to eat them tonight to avoid any fish rotting that I was convinced was going to set in tomorrow morning.  (Plus- I DO NOT COOK ON THE WEEKENDS!!)  Also, yesterday, I had roasted a spaghetti squash and thought I could warm that up to go with the salmon. (I know, I know- you are terribly impressed with my ability to raise three kids, keep a regular exercise routine, surf the Internet, troll FB, and  remain a wonderful and loving wife, daughter, and sister—-I am also quite a wine expert….mainly because of all prior accomplishments.)

Back to the fish….so, this was my plan…and you are so darn lucky that I took pictures! (I hate when people try to tell me how healthy they are eating and show me pictures of it-ugh, like I need any help feeling bad about the 4 peanut butter cups I ate earlier.)

Herbs la Loy

So first, based on my current fav salmon recipe, I chopped up a variety of herbs. ( I used thyme, basil, Italian parsley, and dill)

Su Chef looking for something…

Then, I put the herbs all over the salmon filets san the ones for the kids- no grass on their fish!

Then, just because I think I am Ina Garten sometimes, I garnish them with a few slices of lemon before throwing them in the oven…

Alrighty then, salmon is in.  Then I think, I’ve got some fresh spinach I can saute to add to my little creation here…

minute later…

Getting excited, I get the table all set and start warming the spaghetti squash—LOML and Baby Girl will be home soon!

Then, you put it all together…

LOML comes in…he’s already eaten.

Baby Girl 2 (AKA “Resident Picky Eater”) comes in, gives the food her usual glare of distain unless pancakes or Papa John’s pizza is on the menu.  Takes two bites of fish and claims fullness.

Baby Boy doesn’t know what the hell to think about the pink stuff in front of him and is secretly glad he ate those two bananas prior to dinner.

Baby Girl 1, exhausted from dance and would have probably eaten shoe leather if I gave it to her, sat and ate her food without complaint.

Me, by the time it was all said and done- I ate a few bites…leftovers tomorrow will be better:).  But it was good.

On another note, my new favorite musician is Amos Lee- YOU MUST GO LISTEN TO HIM!!  Right now, stop whatever it is your doing, ignore our children, tell your husband/wife not tonight, and go download this guy on whatever music set-up you’ve got going on these days.

Happy weekend!

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