Baby Boy is sitting at the table eating dinner….decides he would like to climb on to the table.  I told him to get off the table and eat his dinner…then started the infamous counting, “One, Two…”….Baby Boy looks at me and says “Five”.  Math won’t be his strong suit.

3 thoughts on “Counting

  1. Look at you with your fancy new WordPress blog! It looks really good. How did the change-over go? Any problems? Enjoying WordPress so far?


    1. Smooth as silk! I am really liking it, still trying to figure out the site. The one thing I can’t find/figure out is I used to have a running list on the side of other blogs I was reading. It didn’t transfer- where does this go, can I add it somewhere? Thanks for you help. I am really enjoying your “blogging therapy”. Keep it coming! If you have any tips after looking at mine, shoot them my way. I loved your advice about write like you are writing a letter to your best friend-well put. Frank at first tried to encourage me to find one topic to focus on, unfortunately, my Liberal Arts background made me interested in way too many areas to narrow it down. So now, I write about it all.


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