Growing Pains

I recently had the chance to go to the movies with my girls and some of their friends to see “We Bought a Zoo” and have to admit that most of the time, I live in a bubble.  I did what any parent (well, any good parent does) before taking your child to the movies and checked the rating-PG.  Well, that seemed fine to me (not so young that I would want to slit my wrists and not so old that I would have to bring paper bags to put over their heads and earmuffs to cover their innocent ears.) I did read some pretty bad reviews about the flick as far as it’s quality, but I thought I could suck it up and look at Matt Damon for two hours regardless of the the bashing Cameron Crowe took for this one.

Now, I did have the foresight to drag my sister along should I get terribly bored.  She has two boys and is always entertained by the antics of my girls and my girls think she is the bomb,so it all works out.  The movie is plugging along (NO SPOILERS SO KEEP READING) and then BAM!

“A**  hole.”  OH. DEAR. GOD.

My sister about looses it- you see, her boys are just 4 and 7 so she is still very innocent in all of this.”I thought you said this was PG?!?”, she said.  Well, I did say that and it is- but I don’t think we are living with a different PG that what used to be.  The PG, we grew-up with may have a few bathroom humor jokes, but not so much on the language front.

A few scenes later…

“Sh*t.”  This is going one way….DOWN.  The girls and their friends are all sitting behind us and I swear I hear them all giggling…GREAT!  I immediately start to text one of the friend’s moms to ask her what to do.  Her child had already seen the movie so her innocence had already been ripped away at this point- but I had to save the rest!  I can see her know chuckling as she text me back,

“What the hell did you take them to see?”  Here I thought that I had taken them to see a sweet movie about this family buying a zoo- how was I to know they’d be throwing around sh*t, a** hole, and another I can’t even say because my mom and dad are reading this….

Couldn’t they have chosen other words?  Now listen, I am not typing this while sitting my rumpus on a soap box.  I have been know to say a curse word or 2(00)- but why do they have to put them in what otherwise would have been a lovely movie.  It wasn’t so over the top cussing that bothered me- it was that I had children that I did not carry for 9 months and have been raising for the past 10 years with me.  SO EMBARRASSED.  To be honest, as much as I want to write a scathing review of the zoo movie, the girls have heard that and probably worse (probably from me)AND it was a pretty good movie.

So I need to cut a small slit in the bubble, but I’m nervous- because won’t that really just bust the bubble?  My mother-in-law reminded me yesterday that, while they need sheltering and protecting, you don’t want them to be so sheltered that they are in shell shocked when they do go out into the world.  She’s right.  I have just been having growing pains recently when it comes to my girls- especially the older one.  Next year she starts MIDDLE SCHOOL people!!!  WHAT THE HELL!!!  Where did the time go?!?!  Ok Loy…. just breath.  Is anyone else having growing pains?  If you are out there and have experienced them and lived to tell about it- I would like to know how you did it.

One thought on “Growing Pains

  1. We did the same thing, and checked first, too! I’ll have to admit that I loved the movie! I wasn’t ready for the ‘sad’ or ‘angry’ factors in the movie either. That was relatively hard to explain to an eight year old! I’m with you on the growing pains, girl! I’m not on the other side yet, so I can’t say that we’ll make it – only that I hope we will! (:


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