“My Memory” or “The Black Hole”, Part 2

So, I checked said scrapbook and it DID NOT have any pictures from Santa Fe, actually very few pictures from Four Corners on, but there is a good reason for that I will reveal in a moment.  HOWEVER, my memory has been jogged a bit and I do remember a really nice little cafe where we got breakfast and I think I remember the hotel (sorta).  So, he WAS NOT screwing with my head.

Ok, so when we got to Four Corners, (or around about those parts) we got word (from my youngest brother) that my older brother and his girlfriend had gotten engaged!  I felt excited and disconnected all at once!  I was ready to get the hell back to Georgia and fast!  I needed to be around my family and be in on the excitement of it all.  Needless to say, Frank was trying to enjoy his last few days of vacation before diving into a new law practice, so he was not all that excited about high-tailing our butts back to Georgia.  Hence, there are not a large number of pictures from the last leg of our trip.  However, we did stop in Dallas so I could go see South Fork Ranch.  Yep, I just said it and here’s a picture to prove it:



Thought you could all use a good laugh on this rainy afternoon.  There was really nothing like Friday night with Dallas and Falcon Crest.  I’m not ashamed to admit I was a tv junkie growing up.

Back to the “memory” issue or lack thereof…

Do any of you get up to go get something or do something at home/work and take steps and totally blank out and what it is you were going to do?  This happens to me at least once a day if not more….


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