I am really not having an affair with my laptop or Iphone….

I have started to worry lately that I may be spending a little too much time with my laptop and my Iphone.  I check them before I go to bed, as soon as I wake up in the morning, and yes one or the other is general attached to me in some form or fashion most of my waking hours.  I don’t know when I became so obsessed with email, texting, blogging,FB, and so on- but it is an obsession and now my part time job is centered around it….HOW FLIPPING COOL IS THAT?!?!!?

Someone is actually PAYING me to do this!  I know, I know- I can’t believe it either.  I actually went to a few seminars yesterday where people teach you how to do this (as if !)…OMG- I could make this a full-time career!!!  Ok, wait- I need to get back to why I am really here tonight confessing my obsession.  I knew I had a real problem last night, while on my laptop, I asked LOML a question about his day- and he asked me if I was talking to him or my computer?  Maybe I should set myself designated hours of the day for my obsession…

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