Napkins and Tampoons

Last weekend I took Baby Girl 2 and two of her friends to afternoon tea at a hotel in Atlanta.  My girl has been all about afternoon tea after a recent trip to NYC and having tea at the Plaza…well, who in the hell wouldn’t be into tea after that!?!?  LOML and myself were also loving the tea, champagne and all that went with it.  There really isn’t anything not to like about it unless you have an aversion to tiny sandwiches.

So we arrived and were seated at our table, when one of the friends asked if she could go to the bathroom (adding that she had had to go since we left the house- oops!).  Sure, so the hostess showed all three girls how to get to the bathroom -(which was way on the other side of the hotel from where we were, but I had all the confidence they would come back to me).  So all three girls eventually come back , I could hear them way before they got there:).  They were all completely in awe of the “fancy” bathroom.  Her friend sitting next to me said, “Ms. Loy, that is the fanciest bathroom I have ever been in- EVER!  They had napkins for sale in there for 25¢!”….to which Baby Girl 2 said, “and they are also selling ‘tampoons’, whatever they are”!

Sir, I will take that glass of champagne after all…..

2 thoughts on “Napkins and Tampoons

  1. OK I have to tell you that your blog is one of my most favorites. I had no idea you were so darn funny! I mean you make me laugh when I do talk to you but gosh, I always laugh when I read your blog! PS. What is your part time job?


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