Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

This is truly one of my all time favorite Christmas songs.  There is something about it that reminds me so much of my childhood.  Could be that it was a song that played over pictures from Christmases past that had been put to video for my parents way back.  It makes me recall our old house on Conyers Street basically in walking distance to both sets of grandparents, a great- grandmother, the town Square.  I wonder, and I hope, that my kids feel the magic of this time of year.  Don’t you still feel it?  Even though we are so much older…

Recently a friend and I were talking about this as we waited for the kids at the bus stop.  “I don’t remember my mom being crazy like this,” she had said…but then as if we share a brain we both said, “Yep, they were- we just weren’t paying attention.”  I hope my kids aren’t paying attention, but I think they may be and it’s all my fault.  I believe as parents, it’s our job to help provide as much magic as we can this time of year.  I’m not talking about magic that comes wrapped in pretty packages under the tree.   I’m just curious- how are you making magic for your kids this time of year?  Is it in the traditions we started when they were born that we carry out every year that even if we don’t remember, the kids always do?  Is it the candles during the singing of Silent Night at church on Christmas Eve?  Is it the decorations we ride around looking for throughout the season?  Is it the telling of the Christmas story?  Is is simply a combination of all of these things more or less?

I’m not trying to go all “Charlie Brown” on you here, I think I just get very sentimental this time of year and wish somehow I could channel my childhood memories of family, friends, places and events to my kids that they will never know or know of in their lifetime.  I know you know what I’m talking about.  I guess I can only hope that the memories we are making will mean as just as much to my kids.

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