You are wherever you are…


Well, here it is…December 31, 2011…we all knew it was coming and like many other “bloggers” I am sitting here pondering the past year- what happened?, what I did?, what my kids did/accomplished?, how I changed?, did I change at all? what’s up next?  Actually, most people are probably out celebrating tonight.  I, however, am celebrating in the comfort of my own home with LOML and the kids.  We’ve just gotten back from a whirl-wind trip to Disney with my family.  It, in itself, deserves it’s own blog post-that will come soon- but tonight I’m just more reflective of life in general and where I’m at.  So to wrap it all up in a nut shell here it goes- my top (however in the hell many it ends up being) “reflections”/”throwbacks” from 2012:

1. My family and friends are the most important thing- period.  Enjoy every minute and be grateful for the time we have together.  My house can be messy and I won’t accomplish anything on my to-do list-but at the end of the day I can say, we are all healthy and happy and that’s all that matters.

2. Dogs are a wonderful and trying addition to any family.  Show them you love them every day (no matter how much you have to clean up), and no matter how much they run they will always come back to you.

3. Just like you, I’m terribly proud of my kids.  I tear-up when they do pretty much anything, but mostly when they clean their rooms without being prompted.

4.  Being a stay at home mom with a part time job is REALLY hard, but I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned for anything- thanks L and K for the opportunity and my family for support.

5. I can run.

6. Little boys are very funny.

7. True friend love you with your warts and all.

8.  I would like to spend some more time in Carmel…with about a million $ in my pocket….go there if you ever get remotely near California.

9. Coupons are a VERY good thing if used well.

10. A little red wine every night is good for the soul.

11.  I’ve seen A LOT of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve shows….count down of the top performances are all too familiar…

Well, not as interesting or reflective as I thought at the beginning of that glass of red wine…

So to answer my own questions:

1. What happened?  a lot

2. What I did? a lot

3.What my kids did? based on the amount of time I was in my van, a lot.

4. How I changed? If I changed?  maybe I’m a little more confident

5. What’s up next? Baby Girl 2 turns 10 next week so I’ll be planning a party here in the next few hours of 2011.  I’m running a 1/2 marathon in March so a good bit of time will be spent in my sneakers.  Aside from that, just a lot of time enjoying being where I am – Happy New Year’s everyone!


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