“My Memory” or “The Black Hole”

Frank had recorded a movie on PBS about Billy the Kid for Ivy and Julia to watch- they are totally into that tragic figures in history. (Good, happy ones too, but their stories aren’t always as intriguing.)

During the movie, I really wasn’t paying a lot of attention because I was on Facebook, they mentioned Santa Fe, NM.  Frank started going on about our trip when we stayed in Santa Fe and walked around the downtown looking for a number of places we had heard about…

chirp, chirp, chirp…..dead silence….what the hell is he talking about?!?

I have NEVER been to Santa Fe and I know this because I have always wanted to go there!  I proceeded to explain all of this to him and he went on, in great detail mind you, about our trip across country and how we stayed in Santa Fe and walked around all of these great high-end stores looking for Imus’s brother’s place, and on and on and on….I am still at a loss- even now as I am typing this all out.

This is not meant to be funny or offensive, but what are the early signs of Alzheimer’s?    I say this with all seriousness because I have major concerns about my memory.  He had every detail down and I couldn’t tell you ONE THING.  I mean, come on people, I didn’t have a clue that I had even been there!!!

The good thing is that I did (in my scrapbooking days) make a beautifully detailed scrapbook of this trip that I will be whipping out tonight to see if he is just screwing with me.  Now that trip would make a great couple of blog entries.  Me, Frank, and Jeep Cherokee on the open road from C-town all the way to Victoria, BC.  Stayed tuned friends.

PS- Please send me a brief description of any memories you have of me  or my past…I apparently have very few.

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