Day 4 on the Way

Miles 35-47 (ALMOST HALF WAY!!)
Fibit Stats- 39,293  steps (submit t-shirt ideas in comments); 16.38 miles (I’m starting to think the hiking poles are vibrating and adding steps, but I’m counting them so there.); 3,090 calories burned (see last few post and figure it out); a lot of active minutes (We walked from 9:30 am until around 4:30 pm) 168 floors (again, several 45 degree angel inclines).

Gear required: backpack, hiking poles, rain gear (NEEDED- keep reading), Iphone, hat, water, the Freshette, and headphones.  Attitude to take…I’m starting to keep my options open depending on my mood and giving myself permission to change my attitude at any point along the way without warning to my fellow walkers.

Today’s journey would take us, “on to Crickley Hill and its fascinating archaeological site.  From Birdlip the trail follows a path through beech woods to Cooper’s Hill, famous for cheese rolling on Whit Monday each year.  A short detour can be made to visit Prinknash Abbey before more woodland paths lead you to Painswick Beacon, another fine view point. ”

Crickley Hill (note the shorts…weather was promising)

day 4-40

It was also a day of many animal encounters, and I have found myself asking myself often on this trip if I should start taking Darcy into restuarants with us?


I had some real bonding time with the lounging cows and the snail.  We speak each other’s languages.

Best gate/pass through yet…it has it’s own doggie door built into wall:

day 4 date

And then things turned a little wet so it was time to dig out the rain gear, but not before these two had to debate on which trail we were supposed to take.

The rest of the afternoon was just three folks walking through the Hundred Acre Woods and playing human Frogger. (Yeah, I didn’t know we’d be walking along a major high way either.)

Oh, and I am sure you are wondering about the cheese rolling.  So as part of our afternoon we went up ANOTHER very steep incline to get us to the top of Cooper’s Hill.  Here are some pictures I took by mistake while trying to drag my butt up this hill before we collapsed at the top.

day 4-8

day 4-13

Please do take a minute to watch this video about the cheese rolling that takes place on this very hill.  We found it is most enjoyed while focusing on one of the participants the entire race.  (Disclaimer: We do not support cheese rolling nor sponsor any cheese rolling events. )

It rained on us the rest of the day and are staying tonight in Painswick.  Painswick is something out of a book, similar to the rest of this journey.  We are staying at anther B&B and slowly getting used to having random conversations with our hosts.  Well Frank is, Ivy and I are just trying to get to our rooms and the wi-fi.

Day 4-4

She’s still holding the trophy and keeping her dad in line on the maps making sure we get to our next destination.

DAy 4-1

Me?  Well I am holding up too and remain the caboose – I am totally fine back there.

Pep talk time:

“Ok guys, I’m just gonna need you to get back out there tomorrow and do this one more time.  I know you are not understanding all of this and truth be told, I don’t fully understand it myself, but we have been together for 44 years and I’ve never really lead you wrong, right?  I don’t even wear heels that much anymore and I try to get you regular pedicures.  I promise this will all be worth it when we finish.”

Day 4


Good night from the Cotswolds!





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