Day 5 on the Way

Miles 50-58 (OVER HALF WAY!!)
Fibit Stats- It’s a lot- trust me.

For kicks and gigs, I have started talking to myself in my head (like I always do) with a British accent (as opposed to my normal southern one)while I type these so if you would like, feel free to read them in such a way as well.

Gear required: rucksack, treking poles, rain slicker, mobile, cap, water, mole skin for callouses, lunch, the Freshette, and headphones.

I have to say that last night’s dinner at The Falcon Inn and our stay at St. Anne’s was wonderfully comfortable.  Iris and Greg were our B&B hosts and made us feel right at home and welcome, starting with hot tea as soon as we arrived (very British and all).

This morning we were joined by two other guests staying at St. Anne’s and though Ivy and I were concerned about what we would talk about, our nerves were calmed when we found out one of the girls was from South Carolina.  She works in the health department at USC and was traveling with a friend from New Zealand on a Jane Austen and Jane Eyre tour.  So as one might expect, we spent our breakfast talking SEC football.  It was a nice touch of home.  We all agreed it would be fun to beat Alabama.

Off we set for a quick jaunt around Painswick before hitting the trail.  We only had nine miles today so thought we’d give ourselves some time around the town first.  (Because that made more sense then laying in bed for a few more hours.)

“Ok, you wear the UGA hat now and I will wear it later.  Do we have all the gear and supplies.  And please tell mom to stop blogging about the Freshette!”

5- getting ready

I thought we should consider borrowing this for the remainder of our trip but got out voted.

5- car

Frank in the town stocks.  If things get out of hand I bet they’ll have more in the next town.

5- frank in stocks

Look what I found?!  Yes, I did go in and introduce myself and told them about Longleaf Hospice.  I was more amused by the coincidence than they were.

5- hospice

It all pretty much looks this charming in Painswick.

5- painswick 2

There were more incredible views and magical forests with gnomes and fairies.  Well maybe not gnomes and fairies, but there was a creepy life sized child doll up in the barn looking at us and we’ve had the same hiker with red backpack come up behind us twice now like a freaking ninja outta nowhere.
5- doll

5- hiker

I have also decided that cows in the Cotswolds may be lazy. Well except for the one Ivy had a stand-off with coming to the end of our walk today.  It went like this:

Ivy- “Listen heifer, move it or loose it.”

Cow- “Chill out girl frand!  You are walking the Cotswold Way- take your time and take it all in.”

Ivy- “Ivy been on this trail for a long freakin’ time and if you don’t move out of my way I’m gonna make you into Big Macs and sell you in the next town I come to.”

Cow moved.

5- cows 2

It rained all day but it was still beautiful.  Well, it was wet and cold but still beautiful.

I even helped with some directions.  “Hey guys, I’ve got this.  Go straight.”


5- sign

After a cold wet day on the Way we were greeted by Rosie our hostess at the Grey Cottage in King Stanley.  More pics from this place tomorrow.  She welcomed us and made us tea as we got settled and then joined us in her “conservatory” for a delightful afternoon or conversation and tea (like you do).  She even made Ivy call and cancel our dinner reservations for tonight because she had a much better Italian restaurant to suggest.  She’s quite the delight and even WASHED A LOAD OF OUR CLOTHES!!!!  I may send Frank and Ivy on and stay here with Rosie for the duration.

Good night from the Cotswolds!

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