Day 6 on the Way

Miles 59-70
Fibit Stats- 32,617 steps, 13.6 miles (shaved off some miles today with a few short cuts:)- thank you Ivy); 3,202 calories burned (I’m basically eating whatever I want) an 168 floors (seriously the trails are just straight up hill)  Still., a lot of active minutes
* Do please continue to read in British accent.*
Gear required: rucksack, treking poles, rain slicker, mobile, cap, water, mole skin for callouses, lunch, the Freshette, and headphones.

According to our itinerary, “This was one of the best days on the route as a few steep ascent and descents are rewarded by panoramic views, Neolithic burial chambers and Iron Age hill forts quickly eaten up at six and a half miles to Durlsey.  Beyond Stinchcombe  Hill the route crosses Nibley Knoll and the Tyndale’s Monument, before more woods and fields bring you to the enchanted Wotton-under Edge.”

Our day started out with a traditional English breakfast provided by our host, Rosie.  I do love Rosie and asked if I could stay with her and catch a cab to Bath but she ignored me.  Rosie is quite bonified and was even recognized by Liz herself and BP a few years back.  Quite the teller of tales and we had to really make ourselves leave her lovely home in order to head out on today’s adventure.

6- rosie

We were fortunate to have no rain today and a few animal encounters.  Horse tried to get our food out of Ivy’s bag and more evidence of the lazy cows though in quite beautiful settings.  I was tempted to lie down myself in such green and lovely pastoral settings.


I need to do more research but we come across these structures constantly in the woods.- I would say at least twenty or more by now.  It’s like a dream for a little boy but we can’t quite figure out who is building them.  Anyone?

6- Frank

Folks are very kind to walkers.  Welcome signs are everywhere.  This one was just on the back of someone’s home as we came into Wotten- under-Edge today:

6- fountain

Frank and I also may join a lawn bowling team:

6- bowling

Frank and Ivy standing under an actual living tree.

6- Frank and Ivy under tree

Beautiful vistas and such.

Hmmm…not a great sign.  To the folks back home, no worries-she’s taking it easy and is in charge of whether she and I walk tomorrow.

6- ivy

Still holding trophy for best hiker.   Ivy size doors are everywhere.

Lego display in someone’s front window in Wotten – under-Edge- made me think of my little guy back home.

6- legos

This is way too many instructions for someone who had a Freshette mishap in mile 1 today.

60 shower in

Downloaded and started listening to S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders today on the Way.  Forgot how much I loved that story.

Stay golden, friends.

Good night from the Cotswolds.

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